BrE, defense AmE /dI'fens/ noun
1 PROTECTING (U) the act of protecting something or someone from attack: come to sb's defence (=help someone by protecting them from attack): Several people witnessed the attack, but no one came to her defence. | in defence of: Hundreds gave their lives in defence of freedom.
—see also: self­defence
2 PROTECT A COUNTRY (U) all the systems, people, materials etc that a country uses to protect itself from attack: He's one of the President's top advisors on defense. | defence cuts/spending/budget etc: There are plans to increase defence spending by 6%.
3 defences BrE defenses AmE all the armies and weapons that are available to defend a place: The city's defenses were not strong enough to withstand the attack.
4 AGAINST CRITICISM (C, U) something that you say or do in order to protect someone or something from criticism: in sb's/sth's defence: Speaking in defence of the proposal, he pointed out how much cheaper it would be.
a) (C) the things that are said in a court of law to prove that someone is not guilty of a crime: Our defense looked pretty solid.
b) the defence all the people who are concerned with showing in a court of law that someone is not guilty of a crime: The defense's case is strong.
—compare prosecution (2)
6 AGAINST ILLNESS (C) something that your body produces naturally as a way of preventing illness: The body's immune system is its defence against infection.
7 EMOTIONS (C) something you do or a way of behaving that prevents you from being upset or seeming weak
(+ against): Dean's aggressive behaviour is his defence against depression.
8 SPORT (C) BrE the players in a game of football etc whose main job is to try to prevent the other team from getting points: Barnaby cut through the heart of Arsenal's defence.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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